Zbrush practice

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Some sketches from Sketchgroup.

Art Test

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Did a couple varies art tests here and there.

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The new blog on my new site is a bit awkward, so I’m going to put some of the new and WIP stuff back on here. Also, started a new livestream channel with some friends! It’s called The Art Tavern where me or my other very talented artist friends will be live streaming. I do my best to help out those with questions and learn and progress as an artist myself. 🙂

Art Tavern links below!

Livestream : To watch me and my friends make art live and answer questions!

Youtube : To watch previous livestream creations sped up into short videos!

Twitter : To be on the alert for the next time someone broadcasts on Livestream!

Facebook : Another way to get news feed on when the next time someone will broadcast on Livestream as well as new art!

Blog : To view the broadcast schedule, to view new art and more! (currently not in use)

New Website!

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I made a new portfolio website! Really excited about it! But, unfortunately, the point of the new website is to start phasing out my other blogs. If you’re looking to check up any new work, you should look under the “Blog” section of my new site…


Attempting to do that 30 days of drawing challenge.

#1: You