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@ work they brought in a model once a week for some life drawing, also providing tips and instructions by one of their lead concept artists. All figures are done in 18″ x 24″ newsprint. Some are done in charcoal and compressed charcoal, and watered down indian ink and brush. Most poses were a minute or less.. some 2 minutes. Very very few were 5mins.

Pretty long title but it pretty much covers it. This is a speed painting based off of the famous National Geographic photo of a young girl, I think from Afghanistan.

Former coworkers at Griptonite Games started making “Gripkart” character. A spin off of mariokart, but featuring employees at the studio. A former coworker kind of peer pressured me into making one. So, I did. EXCELSIOR!!!

Based off of one of the best animated films evarrrrr, “The Secret of Nimh.” My concept of when Mrs. Brisby meets the Great Owl.

Have a good base for the wings finished off… going to continue on with the environment.