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Actually this is about a month or so old, but I never posted it. Started learning some Zbrush. This is my attempt at a face. Still needs some work though.


Hey guys! My name is Priscilla and this is, not only my first post, but my first blog site as well. I started this blog in hopes that it will motivate me more to do personal projects on a regular basis. Something that I’ve been somewhat slacking on. I hope to post up models, sketches, paintings and illustrations continually and hope to get any helpful feedback as well. Critiques and suggestions are very much encouraged and hopefully will give me a chance to learn and grow as well. Well, that’s basically all I really have to say for now. If you know me, drop me a line! If you don’t know me… drop me a line anyway! 😀

If you want to check out my current portfolio, visit ….