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Was cleaning out an old hard drive and stumbled upon a pathetic excuse of a 3D model. The story behind it is that when I was going to the Art Institute of Seattle, I had pretty much given up on 3D, thinking it wasn’t for me, but still took the classes to graduate. I took an Unreal Engine mod class, where several of us were grouped together and were tasked with making our own level. I was assigned as the texture artist, which I was down for, but the modeling side started to bottle neck. Despite my warnings, my team had asked me to model some buildings and the end result was frightening… and yet.. STILL PASSABLE FOR THE CLASS. O…M…G.

Anyway, swearing off 3D for the rest of my career I ended up going back to it for various reasons explained in my FuturePoly and FuturePri posting.

Ok, I’ve made this story longer than it has to be, but bottom line… the results of then and now are not only hysterical.. it’s down right shocking. The craziest part is the buildings have strong similarities as if I was trying to make the same building but with extremely different skill levels. The renders are even facing the same way!!! WOAH! Enjoy the good laugh… I know the boys at FuturePoly did 😉

Oh, and btw.. my 3D portfolio can be viewed by clicking the link to the right under the Blogroll that says “Priscilla’s 3D Portfolio!”

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