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Yup. That’s right. 2014 is here and it’s time to create a bunch of new year resolutions and goals that I will most likely never finish, but hey… it never hurts to try 😉

Besides the traditional goals, like losing weight, saving money, use less of facebook… ect, I have a bunch of art goals in mind. I haven’t used my blog in quite sometime, but I hope I can start posting again for these purposes… although, I know a lot of people are using Instagram these days, and with the new purchase of my first smartphone; I can now unleash the Seattle hipster inside me and use it as my little art-selphies or whatever the kids call it these days. Below is my so called 52 week goals. I won’t beat myself up if I miss a week here and there, as I tend to be busy with actual “work work” and all the stuff I want to do is a pretty tall order… but it’s nice to have a target or something to remind me that I have a laundry list of unlocked goals I can do, rather than browse more baby pics on facebook or puppy videos on Youtube.

I don’t know if anyone actually checks my blog, but feel free to join in if you’re interested. 🙂

52 Sketchbook Studies (Make at least 10 of each) 

  1. FREE WEEK!!!
  2. eyes + noses
  3. mouth + ears
  4. hair and facial hair
  5. women faces
  6. men faces
  7. hands +feet
  8. arms + legs
  9. female + male torsos+backs
  10. Human skeleton
  11. female + male bodies
  12. children
  13. elderly
  14. Drapery
  15. Clothing from modern day street wear
  16. Clothing from modern day formal wear
  17. Armor – Medieval
  18. Armor – Asian
  19. Armor – Modern
  20. Canines
  21. Cats
  22. Bears
  23. Elephants + Rhinos
  24. Horses
  25. Bovine + other hooved animals
  26. Rodents + bats
  27. Birds
  28. Reptiles
  29. Fish
  30. Bugs
  31. Amphibians
  32. Rock and Stone texture
  33. Foliage
  34. 1 point perspective
  35. 1 point perspective objects
  36. 1 point perspective landscapes
  37. 2 point perspective
  38. 2 point perspective objects
  39. 2 point perspective landscapes
  40. 3 point perspective
  41. 3 point perspective objects
  42. 3 point perspective landscapes
  43. fish eye perspective
  44. fish eye perspective objects
  45. fish eye perspective landscapes
  46. Glass + metal
  47. cars
  48. FREE WEEK!!!
  49. boats
  50. planes
  51. fire + water
  52. FREE WEEK!!!

Weekly Movie Screenshot Speed Painting Studies

  1. Basically a new scene from any movie and spend less than an hour on it.

Monthly 3D Character

  1. Pull out a new Character each month.

Monthly Traditional Study

  1. inking
  2. marker
  3. scroll-work
  4. calligraphy
  5. sumi ink
  6. watercolor painting
  7. Screen printing
  8. acrylic
  9. oil painting
  10. charcoal
  11. sculpty
  12. airbrush