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Quick painting.. well not that quick, but yea, here ya go.

Trying to do some study’s off of classic masters. In this case, Bouguereau (one of my favs). Trying to work on speed, trying to eyeball color (no color picker allowed! UGH!), working everything on one layer, trying to figuring out the choices they made on lighting… and learning a new set of custom brushes. I meant to only work on it for an hour, but got kind of into it and went for a couple/few more.

Hey, remember that painting I started a thousand years ago? Well I finally finished it. Hooray!!! A mix of acrylic and oil.

Ok, so i haven’t posted any art up, probably because for the most part i haven’t made any new art. So recently i participated in a forum competition, ran by  The comp, to make a portrait of a pirate. Here’s a link to the forum’s thread.

Here’s the work i did and the “sort of” finished completion.