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Weekly topic at work was to recreate a new Street Fighter character. Took me a while just to come up with one and was kind of going for a bit punk-ier Billy Idol kinda of flavor to him, but I think he ended up just looking like a punk or rock and roll dude than a punk rock and roll dude that could fight. Meh, oh well. Either way I kind of like how it turned out.

Was brought to my attention that the composition isn’t as dynamic as it could be.. so expect major changes in the future…

Workin in progress. Digital painting of Left 4 Dead. If you’ve played L4D as much as I have… you’ve eventually crossed this epic moment of intensity where the helicopter lands on the landing pad on the No Mercy – Roof top Level; and when playing versus… there’s always some a$$hole smoker who grabs you out of the helicopter.. or when you’re trying to make a run FOR the helicopter. Course.. this is incrediblely awesome if you are, in fact, the smoker who grabbed someone from the other team off of the helicopter. That’s when you commence to teabag them in victor…. until you get auto-shot in the face.