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Weekly topic at work was to recreate a new Street Fighter character. Took me a while just to come up with one and was kind of going for a bit punk-ier Billy Idol kinda of flavor to him, but I think he ended up just looking like a punk or rock and roll dude than a punk rock and roll dude that could fight. Meh, oh well. Either way I kind of like how it turned out.

Have a good base for the wings finished off… going to continue on with the environment.

It’s late at night and spent an hour or so working on the wings… just like the red bull commercials.. SHE HAS WINGS!!! Or is that more of a tampon commercial? errr, whatever… WINGS, i tell you! WINGS!!!

Not much… but I added HANDS!!! And SHOES!!! Gee-willakers!!! Anywho, I’m somewhat done of the main body and now moving on to some angel wings research. Stay tuned, folks! 🙂